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On 04, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In | By Brit

LINCOLN “The Art of Listening”

This film was shot on RED Dragon, edited in Adobe Premiere and colored in DaVinci Resolve 10.

A moment of inspiration can come at any time. Jazz musician Bruce Harris takes us through the streets of New York and into the sanctuary of a Lincoln vehicle to discuss space, material and texture: the most important elements to consider when creating and enjoying soulful music.

On 04, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In | By Brit

GATORADE “Bobby Hornsby: The Fighter”

This is a video I worked on for Gatorade. The editorial was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and the color grade was done in DaVinci Resolve 10.

Bobby Hornsby was born a fighter. Boxing became a way for him to channel the fight within. Despite countless struggles, he has pushed himself to become a champion. Bobby is just one inspirational athlete who truly defines what it means to Win from Within.

Dodge “Dart On”

Dodge was looking for a new and innovative campaign for the release of the 2013 Dodge Dart. Myself and a small team of co-workers at SapientNitro created a manifesto to capture the tone of the “Dart On” campaign. We scoured the Internet for footage and I was tasked with editing the piece, practically overnight. From start to finish it took around 36 hours to complete the video. It’s not perfect, but I believe it conveys a powerful message.

Dodge never ran the campaign.

On 27, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In | By Brit

MASS EDMC “Steve Angello”

Steve Angello, most notable for being 1/3 of the super-group Swedish House Mafia, DJed a set at Quincy’s Ocean Club at Marina Bay. This video is a recap of that wild night, where nothing but SIZE mattered. Straying away from traditional DJ show recap videos, the effects-laden opening sets the tone for what felt like another world driven by a nonstop beat. Think of it as a last communication with mankind. I used Adobe software for the edit and effects, while Magic Bullet plugins handled the grade.

On 05, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In | By Brit

CAMP K “Sought”

Here is a fake trailer I made for Camp Kuleshov LA. I received an Honorable Mention for it.

Fidelity “Forward Thinking”

An internal video created for the Fidelity UXD team in 2012. We wanted to showcase Fidelity’s forward thinking attitude by watching the project’s development in reverse. From shooting to final export, it took four to five days to complete. The music is “Azure” by Paul Kalkbrenner.

On 03, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In | By Brit

SapientNitro “Battle of the Hands”

If someone asks you to shoot and edit a video in 24 hours, there’s always a level of skepticism and fear. At AdobeMAX 2013, SapientNitro developed and ran the Battle of the Hands tournament while simultaneously promoting their ability to generate content on a very short timeline. In this case, 24 hours. With the help of Adobe Premiere, my editing partner Joe and a whole lot of Red Bull, we completed the edit, mix and color correction of this wrap-up video. It’s not super polished, but that wasn’t the point. We wanted to create an experience and tell its story in an impossible timeframe.


Hatch Award : Bronze : Experiential
Hatch Award : Bronze : Games Single Entry
Hatch Award : Merit : Unconventional Format


On 27, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In | By Brit

MITX “Reply Vs Reply All”

MITX is an awards show that recognizes great work in advertising. Every year they ask agencies to submit videos that will be shown between categories. My company, SapientNitro, submitted this. Hopefully you can relate. If not, you’re lucky. The turnaround for this short film was about two hours.

Short Film “Building A Relationship”

I was given a script and told, “You have full creative control. Do whatever you want.” A director’s dream. Prior to this video I had no experience in animating, Photoshop, 3D or sound mixing. By the end I had forced myself to learn all of them. This project was an incredible learning experience and completed over the course of one and a half months.

FESTIVALS & AWARDS / 2012 / 2013

Architecture & Design FF
Film Casino Vienna
Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air FF
Palm Beach International FF
Seattle True Independent FF
Hamptons International FF
Pittsburgh Independent FF

On 26, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In | By Brit

Bertucci’s “Flavored Oil”

Bertucci’s signature oil and rolls are a staple in their restaurants. “Flavored Oil” shows how to create that special oil in your own kitchen at home. The video lived in a sophisticated banner ad and has generated over 250,000 views on Youtube and acclaim from some of the Internet’s top social media pundits. I was the editor and colorist on this, as well as several other videos made in the same vein.


Hatch Awards : Merit : Website: Editorial